CONTRAST! Our Own Bright Buddies' Champion & Hero in Ukraine ~ a tribute to Maryna from All Your Bright Buddies' Family Around the Globe

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She is a young artist. A quite extraordinary one. She makes characters come alive with vibrant colors and shades for children who are gifted.

But what makes her even more extraordinary is that she lives in Ukraine; and there are bombings going on right outside her home; yet she has the drive to focus on her creations with such unique strength while facing an ugly and unwarranted war. Her indomitable spirit to do good, and her absolute genius inspires us to do our best too.



Maryna is one of our very own Bright Buddies’ Global Champions. Her unbelievable strength to fight the constant anxiety about the danger and miseries while tapping into her inner creative talent to escape the outer reality is inspirational.

Maryna’s strength in such period of atrocity leaves us speechless and emotional. While we celebrate her creative genius, we are sincerely concerned about her wellbeing and we pray for her safety, the safety of her family and so many families that are amid this evil war.

Maryna is not only a Bright Buddies's Champion; She is also a soldier; one that fights the current battle in Ukraine with her love for children in her country and around the world.

 In her own words, Maryna’s message below is leaving us speechless:

“When I create, I feel like I'm conveying bits of love in an illustration. I feel wonderful when I create them. No matter what is going on around me, I want to bring goodness, love and peace.
I try to create fairy-tale worlds in which children can feel safe while watching, whatever situation you find yourself in. It is very difficult for me that children in my country are going through war.”


At Bright Buddies, we talk and work for the betterment of the children with special needs; “Autism”, “Down Syndrome", "ADHD” or any other names that society gives to define the conditions of those children effected, but to Maryna and all our other Global Champions, they are the children with "Special Abilities" and "Gifts" only unrecognized. The truth is, so long as we have heroes like Maryna, we can make the world a better place for all children, they are all Gifted and Special Ones. 

Let us all pray for peace and safety of innocent lives in Ukraine and around the World. Stay strong our champion, Maryna. Sending you love and prayers. 



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  • 上的 Lucia Patterson

    You make the world a better place Maryna, we are so proud of you, may God bless and protect you and your beautiful country 🥰



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