HOPPITY HOP!!! Sparky goes Easter Egg Hunting

ADHD bright buddies challenge children easter easter egg Egg hunt inclusion love story


A simple activity for most families

Can at times be interesting and challenging for some

How long should our easter egg hunt be?

How many easter eggs should we hide?

Shall we add a hot cross bun?


It’s our first time planning this fun activity

And it has everyone buzzing with wonder

Fingers and toes crossed for having a ball

But oh, just wish for not a single blunder


You see, our Sparky has ADHD

So coordination of this event is key


Mum, Dad, Sparky–and his best bud Dan

All head off in different directions

Each with their mighty plan

To find as many chocolate treats in the garden as they can


Five minutes later… and the search is on for Sparky

He seems to have wandered off and abandoned the hunt

‘Oh my, what could he be up to this time!’ Exclaimed his Mum

Only hoping for not another entertaining Sparky stunt


Whilst to some this little ‘missing in action’ stunt might seem a frustrating pursuit

For Sparky though…it usually ends up quite a hoot


Though just as everyone had thought, further down the garden

There he was happily jumping away on his trampoline

‘Sparky, why are you not hunting for easter eggs?’ asked his Dad

‘I could not find any and got bored,’ replied Sparky,

‘Or maybe I just was not keen’


‘How about we pair up for the hunt?’ Sparky’s Dad suggested

Sparky liked that and immediately chose to be paired up with his Dad

Whilst His Mom and Dan were full of cheers for this challenge

And oh so glad.


‘So Sparky,’ Dad began; ‘If you were a bunny, where would you hide those Easter eggs?’

‘In a rabbit hole behind that tree’, Sparky pointed, shrieked, and darted off…

With his Dad hot on his heels

I found one, I found one! Sparky excitedly announced.

Beaming with delightful squeals.


Written by Lee-Ann Preston, Bright Buddies' Champion 


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