Abandoned Child with Autism

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You went out quietly one night, so he wouldn't wake up. I heard the door close and waited all night long. Trembling and crying, I prayed. I prayed for strength, as I didn't know if I could face it all alone.

How to tell my little boy that daddy wouldn't be coming home any more? He would not be coming back to chase him around the house.

Don't worry and most certainly you won't. Don't worry about not being there; I will be there, I am always there, maybe broken but his words spoken thru his eyes will be the healing love that will strengthen me. I will be ready to do anything because now all that healing love you abandoned ~ It's all for me, it's all for me.

That good boy was not to blame for your decision, he only gave you love.
That good boy has no room in his heart for resentment, only for love and forgiveness, yes forgiveness.

I have never wished you ill, the years have passed now; we really miss you; we really needed you, but we survived. I even thank you because your absence made me stronger and now I AM whole, whole with his love.


Written by an Anonymous Mother aka Bright Buddies's Hero 



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