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Sandra and Jack #autism #ASD #autismo

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Sandra is a single mom who is constantly on the go, trying to balance work, school, and taking care of her 6 year old son, Jack. Jack is on the spectrum of autism and is non-verbal, making communication a constant challenge for both him and Sandra. Despite this, Sandra is determined to give Jack the best life possible and has devoted herself to learning as much as she can about autism and how to support him.

One of the biggest challenges Sandra faces is the lack of understanding and support from those around her. Many people do not understand the complexities of autism and the daily struggles that individuals with this condition and their families face. This can be especially difficult for Sandra, as she often feels isolated and overwhelmed trying to navigate the challenges of parenting a child with autism on her own.

Despite the difficulties, Sandra remains optimistic and is constantly seeking out new resources and support systems to help her and Jack. She has learned to advocate for Jack and herself, and has been a supporter of Bright Buddies. She asked for us to share their journey with others and for Bright Buddies to continue to offer support to other parents of children with autism.

Through it all, Sandra remains a devoted mother who loves and supports her son no matter what. She is proud of the progress Jack has made and is grateful for the joy and love he brings into her life every day. Overall, Sandra's journey as a single mom to a child with autism has been filled with challenges, but also with love, strength, and determination.

Want to have your story shared with other families and our communities? Email and feel free to include a family picture to be highlighted on our blog page. 

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