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Focus on "CAN DO" by Mina, a Super Mom to Twin Boys & a Poppy

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Talloobi is autistic. And yes he’s probably considered severely autistic. Or what the professionals like to label, a level 3.

Does he suffer because of the limitations he has? Yes. Yes sometimes he does. Do we suffer with him? Yes. We suffer with him & for him.

But his autism is part of who he is. It’s not ALL that he is, but it’s a big chunk of who my Talloobi is. How can I hate it?

And if we (the caregivers) don’t or cannot accept our own kids because of their uniqueness, how can we expect others to?

Why the hell are we then advocating & demanding acceptance & inclusion? Why are we doing everything we can to educate people on Autism?

I get it. It’s tough. I understand, because I’m right in the middle of it.

It’s scary to even imagine what the future would look like. But instead of focusing on what my child cannot or won’t do, I always focus on what he CAN do.

Instead of wishing he didn’t have autism & sulking, I get off my butt & use that time & energy to teach him skills that help him flourish.

Instead of drowning myself in a fear that really has no end (because it doesn’t), I manifest a future that is bright. Bright & welcoming.

It’s only a difficult & painful journey if you choose to see the thorns & not the beautiful roses at the end of those stems...

You have every right to feel sad and worried but don’t allow it to victimize you or your child...

Your child deserves better 💙💚💙💚

Be sure to follow Mina and Talloobi @to_autism_with_love on Instagram to_autism_with_love


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  • Lee-Ann on

    So well said… love the ‘harsh truth’ being expressed here! Could not have put it better, or truer myself Mina! An African Proverb goes; “For the sake of the Rose, we must water the Thorns.” :-)

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