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Behind the mystical forest, in a land foreign to most, the sun shone bright, presented a beautiful sight.

The trees stood in all their might, the river passed through the middle, the birds chirped, the bees buzzed, the wind blew giving life to new and you could see that life here wasn't normal just, it was magical because of course; magic was must!

Amongst this beautiful terrain lived a little community special and plain, having a light within that was difficult to attain.

They all laughed, and they all played without caring how differently they were all made. They each had a friend and a life that had no end.


 "Sorry about that! I just fell down the tree while writing. I have a habit of getting distracted. Mama says it happens and its okay..."

Who are you? You want to be my friend?

Its okay if you don't want to answer. A lot of people don't like to. They always keep a distance. They say I make them uncomfortable.

"I am Shiny, I'm yellow owl and I have these big round glasses. It is nice to meet you. Do you know that I have an extra copy of chromosome? My mama says that it makes me extra special."

Others say I am a little unique, they call it Downs Syndrome, but my Mama calls me a Bright Buddy.

I am a bright buddy. I also have two friends: Oscar and Penny; Oscar is a bit rusty, and Penny is all green. I like them both. They like me too.

I am a little down today because me and my mama went to another tree to meet new owls. She said that I will make some good friends. I do like making friends. I just wish they would play with me like they play with each other.

Sadly, no one came to meet us there even though I wore my best clothes and had a huge smile on my face.

We were standing at a corner of a branch when Oscar and Penny came towards us. I got so happy that I started fluttering my wings excitingly.

But they just came to make fun of my glasses.  Penny called me huge. I don't like being huge. So, I said:

"Let's go Mama, please. I don't want to make friends anymore. I already have Oscar and Harry"

"Baby, tree leaves can't be your real friends."

" They can be. They don't make fun of me; they don't run away, and they never call me huge"

"But honey, they don't talk to you."

"I don't want them to talk to me because talking is so mean. I just want to go home."

"Okay, let's go"

" Mama, will I ever have a real friend?"

"One day you will. I promise."

So, we came home and there you were. Will you be my real friend then? I will be good. I promise. Be my friend just this time. Please?


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