A Serendipitous Encounter: Simon's Journey with Max, the Extraordinary Boy with Autism

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At Bright Buddies, we strive to create a world where every individual with autism feels understood, supported, and embraced. Our mission took an unexpected turn when our founder, Simon, had a remarkable encounter with a 12 year-old non-verbal boy named Maximus (Max) at a community complex in Irvine, California. This serendipitous meeting not only touched Simon's heart but also set in motion a series of events that led to an incredible connection between Max's family and our own. This blog post shares the heartwarming story of Simon and Max, demonstrating the power of compassion, understanding, and friendship.

The Unexpected Encounter:

As fate would have it, Simon found himself stopped at the community complex when Max, a 12 year-old non-verbal boy with autism, approached his car and started humming. Recognizing the signs, Simon quickly realized that Max was autistic. Concerned for his well-being, Simon tried to communicate with Max to understand his situation. Despite Max's inability to respond verbally, Simon used his iPhone to type out questions, asking where Max lived. Max pointed towards his building and began to exit the vehicle, prompting Simon to follow him closely to ensure his safety.

Reuniting with Max's Family:

Following Max's lead, Simon arrived at Max's apartment unit, where he met Max's worried sister, Azzurra, and his mother, Baaska. They were unaware that Max had "eloped" or wandered off, and their relief at finding him safe was palpable. Simon took this opportunity to introduce Bright Buddies and our mission to raise awareness about autism. He shared the range of products we offer to support individuals with autism and their communities. Grateful for Simon's intervention and touched by his kindness, Max's family expressed their appreciation for the work of Bright Buddies.

A Blossoming Friendship:

Simon's involvement with Max didn't end there. Determined to extend his support, he returned to Max's home with his daughter, Emmy, to present Max and Azzurra with special gifts from Bright Buddies. Max and Azzurra each received a Huggable Weighted plush and a book featuring two of our beloved Bright Buddies characters, Sky and Smiley. The surprise visit also revealed an unexpected connection—Emmy attended the same school as Azzurra, leading to an instant bond between the two children. This fortunate coincidence has opened the door to a promising friendship, allowing Emmy and Azzurra to embark on a joyful journey together.



From Mongolia to Irvine:

Max's family hails from Mongolia and made their way to Turkey to seek affordable Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for Max. Their recent move to Irvine, California, provided new opportunities for Max's development and access to resources. Simon's encounter with Max showcased the importance of communities coming together to support individuals with autism, regardless of geographical boundaries. It served as a reminder that kindness knows no borders and that we can make a difference in the lives of those touched by autism, no matter where they come from.

Max's Unique Talents:

Among Max's many remarkable qualities, his genius-level skills with smartphones and his love for playing games, particularly Shadow Fight, shine brightly. Despite facing challenges in verbal communication, Max's abilities with technology demonstrate the immense potential within individuals with autism. By embracing his strengths and interests, Max exemplifies the diverse talents that individuals on the autism spectrum possess, challenging conventional perceptions and inspiring others to see the world through a different lens.


Simon's encounter with Max was a truly magical experience, intertwining the lives of two families and bringing forth new friendships and understanding. This heartwarming story emphasizes the importance of empathy, compassion, and creating inclusive communities. Bright Buddies remains committed to its mission of raising autism awareness and providing support to individuals like Max, helping them thrive and be celebrated for their unique abilities. Max's journey reminds us that every encounter, no matter how unexpected, can lead to positive change and extraordinary connections that have the power to transform lives.

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