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Inspiration of A Parent’s Perception … vs the Reality thereof

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I’m sure every single one of you remembers the day that you received that wonderful news that you were going to be parents, hands down the best day of your life, right?

As if on autopilot–your thoughts immediately run away with you and already you are looking into the mirror ball and seeing this perfect and blissful journey up ahead, through life with your bundle of joy.

But alas. It often is not as black & white as that now, is it?

Upon one of your checkups before the baby arrives–your doctor shares the news with you that the baby will be born with some challenges, some mental inabilities.

Numbness takes over you. You’re overwhelmed, and emotional. You feel a sense of guilt. Why guilt? Two reasons; It’s my fault somehow…I must have done something wrong! And–fighting myself to not make it seem like it matters that my baby will not be ‘perfect’…and that I feel my life has just gone CRASH!

It took a few hours to have the initial shock subside. I was so grateful for my strong faith–as I was able to reel myself back in again and put it all back into perspective.

What I initially heard was: You are going to have a very unhappy and difficult child. You are going to have a rough journey as a parent.

Once I realigned my feelings and thoughts and realized what this all truly meant I experienced such peace.

I realized that I was indeed blessed–as I knew of some couples who could not have their own children.

I realized that my unborn child and I were paired up for a special reason…which I will get to experience, enjoy and celebrate throughout our lives together.

I realized that this unique journey would make us wiser and have us appreciate each other and life more so than we ever did before.

I realized that there are always people out there that have more struggles or challenges to bear.

I realized that life becomes easier when you accept, embrace, and love your purpose in this life.

I realized that there was so much to be grateful for.

I could not wait to give our baby the love, laughter, and support he deserved–so he would enjoy a great and fulfilling life to the best of his abilities.


Written by Lee-Ann Preston, a Bright Buddies Champion and Warrior

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