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Celebrating Father's Day: A Heartfelt Letter from a 12-Year-Old Daughter with Non-Verbal Autism





My dearest Daddy,

June 18th is fast approaching as Father's Day but I love and celebrate you everyday. Father's Day is a special occasion when we celebrate the love and care you've given me throughout our journey together. I may struggle to express my feelings verbally, but I want you to know how much you mean to me.

From the very beginning, you embraced my uniqueness with open arms. You saw my non-verbal autism not as a limitation, but as an opportunity for us to learn and grow together. Your patience and unwavering belief in me have been a guiding light in our journey.

You've taught me that love can be shown in countless ways. It's in the gentle touch of your hand on my shoulder when I'm overwhelmed. It's in the quiet moments we share, finding solace in each other's presence. It's in the joy that lights up your face when you witness my small victories. Your love has shown me the power of acceptance and the beauty of being different.

Life hasn't always been easy, but you've never let the challenges define our relationship. You've shown me the strength to persevere and the importance of resilience. Your support has been my foundation, and with you by my side, I know I can overcome any obstacle.

You are my rock, my advocate, and my biggest cheerleader. Your unconditional love has given me the confidence to believe in myself. You've empowered me to embrace my differences and taught me that being unique is a gift, not a burden.

On this upcoming Father's Day, I want to express my gratitude to you for being the father I need and cherish. Your presence has brought light into the darkest moments, and your love has filled the silence with understanding. I am grateful for your guidance, unconditional love, and the sacrifices you've made for my happiness.

Dad, you are my hero, my champion, and the embodiment of everything good in this world. Your strength, kindness, and compassion inspire me every day. You've taught me the true meaning of love, patience, and perseverance, and I am privileged to call you my father.

Happy Father's Day, with all my love.



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