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Lucía Patterson
Health Coach

Lucía Patterson

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Health Coach, creator of the Autismo: Protocolos que Sanan community that already exceeds 120,000 followers on social media. I am the mother of Keira, a 15-year-old adolescent diagnosed with severe autism or childhood disintegrative disorder and movement disorder. I have 12 years of experience leading groups with a primary focus on biomedical protocols. Reading hundreds of scientific papers on the pathologies or dysfunctions concomitant with autism over the years, added to my experience with my daughter and the collection of data through surveys carried out in my groups, has given me knowledge that I strategically apply to each case I handle, using simple, effective biomedical protocols, such as the basic Biomedical protocol, and Protocolo Neurogastro.
I have completed the following certifications that, together with my knowledge and experience, have contributed to my training as a Health Coach.
Bacteria and Chronic Infections Certification issued by the University of Copenhagen

Nutrition and Health Certification: Human Microbiome issued by Wageningen University & Research

Gut Check Certification: Exploring Your Microbiome issued by the University of Colorado Boulder

Certification in Cell Biology: Mitochondria issued by Harvard

Certification in Lifestyle Medicine Core Principals to understand the impact of lifestyle and nutrition on life expectancy, health, and disease issued by Doane University

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