Bright Buddies - Brilliance Through the Eyes of Children


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Do you know something unusual, or something extra can have a huge impact on you? It can change you in so many ways. Extras are not only spares; sometimes extras can be life changing.

 I have something in excess, you can say it is extra. All my life revolves around that specific extra. It makes me stand out, my face, my body, my emotions, my life, it makes everything different.

 Is that difference bad or good? I was not able to decide because my family cherished my unique identity but others around me, well, they found me to be strange.

 The feeling of not being accepted made me doubtful at first of my own identity; But then, I came to realization that this identity is not just about intense negative emotions or over the top reactions or physical differences. It is also immense love that me and others like me show, the cheerfulness, our easygoing ways, and the friendliness that we exhibit. It is all about us being differently unique and not abnormally extra.

 So, this is me, my name is Shiny, and this is my story book. I have Down Syndrome with an extra chromosome. Do I regret having it? Not now, not ever!

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