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a PooPoo by SMILEY (120 capsules)
a PooPoo by SMILEY (120 capsules)
a PooPoo by SMILEY (120 capsules)
a PooPoo by SMILEY (120 capsules)
a PooPoo by SMILEY (120 capsules)
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a PooPoo by SMILEY (120 capsules)

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This proprietary formula features 5 Key ingredients that work synergistically to stimulate easy bowel movements and promote a healthy gut.

  • Senna is a glucoside rich plant that has been proven as a safe laxative that softens the intestinal muscles as digested food transits through the intestines and increases the volume of the stool  for successful evacuation.
  •  Ginger helps relax and soothe the intestinal track lowering intestinal discomfort such as gas and cramps. It also works to lower gut and systemic inflammation.
  • Papaya seed can lower the absorption of excess fat and sugar, it works against pathogenic microbes, fungus and inflammation.
  • Pumpkin seed is a source of tryptophan a precursor of serotonin and a source of soluble fiber which helps improve constipation.  It also serves as a prebiotic, provides food for the microbiota. Rich in potassium, a mineral that leads to better intestine contraction known as peristalsis.  Rich in zinc, a mineral important to maintain a healthy intestinal barrier.
  •  Bacillus Coagulans is a source of probiotics known to increase production of lactic acid.  This strain is known for surviving stomach acids and retaining its potency when reaching the large intestine competing with opportunistic bacteria such as Helicobacter Pylori and Clostridium difficile.

*Free of additives, sugar, artificial colors, gluten and casein


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